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Chiropractic Fees

Expertly treating pain in the Fort Lee, NJ area

A word on Fees

Office fees depend on the severity and complexity of the patient’s condition dictating the amount of time Dr. Mika and staff needs to spend with you in consultation, examination, x-ray, therapy and treatment. Services are charged separately.

We do our very best to never turn anyone away that is truly in need. Please do not hesitate to call us and discuss your situation with our office personnel.

Do you take my Insurance?

Ishitani Health Center takes most plans: PPO’s, Government, Medicare, and most private plans included. Simply contact your insurance company’s customer service center and check your benefits for chiropractic, or when calling for your appointment, let us know about your plan and we’ll check for you. Our office is set up to submit your insurance claim quickly and we are happy to submit your claim for you.

Does medicare pay for chiropractic?

Yes! Medicare generally pays for acute conditions. They pay for adjustment of the spine only, and will not pay for therapy, office visits, or x-rays taken at the chiropractor’s office. However, we do our very best to keep our services as affordable as possible.

Personal Injury

Accidents are no fun. With over five years of hands-on help to injured patients, Dr. Mika Ishitani works hard to get you better as fast as possible. Dr. Mika, and the staff have qualified experience communicating your situation to attorneys and insurance companies.

You can have the other party’s insurance pay for your treatment so that you suffer no out-of-pocket expense. Sometimes, we may need to bill your auto or health insurance before the other side will cough up payment. But don’t panic! Your insurance rates WILL NOT GO UP!

We also accept all major credit cards and personal checks.
We offer flexible and affordable payment plans as well for those who do not carry any insurance.
For any further questions, please call Mauro at (201) 302-9993.