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The proper way to use a backpack

Hello everyone. This is Dr. Roger from Ishitani Health Center, and it’s back to school season. So today we’re going to talk about the ideal posture for your backpack. Now, first, you want to make sure our backpack has a good support right in the back of the backpack, so that way there’s not much books or anything in the contents of the backpack putting too much pressure on your child’s spine. Now, the overall weight of your backpack should be about 10 to 15 percent of the child's total body weight. So anything, if your child is weighing 60 pounds, it should be no more than 6 pounds. If it’s too heavy, then we highly recommend getting one with the wheels so the child can pull it. Now, appropriate posture should be right between the mid-back. So for this here, it’s way too low, and that puts more pressure on the lower back, and if it’s too high, puts more pressure on the upper back. So overall, we want it to be right about this height. Okay, have a great day. Thanks.