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The proper way to wear a lumbar support

Hello everyone. This is Dr. Roger from Ishitani Health Center. Today we’re going to talk about the proper way to wear a lumbar brace support. Now, first things first, we want to make sure that we have the appropriate size. The next thing we’re going to take in mind is you want to get a proper one that has ridges along the side of the spine, that way you are a lot more supported, and also one that’s adjustable. Now, you’re going to do this, the proper way is to make sure that it’s across right along the spine, you’re going to take it and tighten it, and then pull all the way to the front. That way we feel that it’s much more supported. It’s supposed to provide a good amount of support so you can, turn around, we can see that the ridges are directly along the side of this point, and additional brace support is giving you a lot more structure and stability.