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Why choose Ishitani Health Center for your Physical therapy needs?

Hello and welcome to Ishitani Health Center. This video today will explain to you and show you our physical therapy room and modalities. You have a prescription for physical therapy, and you are now wondering, "Where should I get the service?" Allow me to show you our office and explain to you why we are a good solution for your physical therapy needs. Ishitani Health Center offers chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathic, and physical therapy care. All our care is delivered one-on-one, hands-on with a provider, meaning you will be in the room alone with a provider and have the complete attention and the complete effort of the provider, just for you. This, we feel, is the best way to provide care and is the correct way to provide care so we can concentrate on your need and your need alone. Once you enter our office, you will do the check-in with the front desk and then you will be walked to our physical therapy suite where Dr. Choi will be waiting for you. Once inside, you will likely be seated on a chair, have an examination performed, if necessary, and the treatment will be done. This suite is our physical therapy suite. Only physical therapy is performed here, and you will be alone with the doctor. Once you're in, the door will be closed and then the treatment will be done. We have a variety of tools that we can use for the treatment. Some are in this room, some throughout the office, and all of the equipment we offer is available for you to be used if directed by the provider. Our physical therapist also offers dry needling service and cupping. And if that's a treatment that you will need, it will be performed in this room so you won't have to move around. The unit next to the dry needle cart is an ultrasound unit. We do offer Class 3 and Class 4 lasers in this office. And we also have electrostimulation units, several different types of traction, and other modalities throughout the office. But we believe the most important thing is the fact that you will be in the room with a doctor. Not with a PTA – not with a PT aide, but we have a DPT, who graduated from Columbia University with extensive knowledge and experience. And also in the office, additional providers are available if your care requires a different direction on another look, this is why we believe Ishitani Health Center is a good solution to your physical therapy needs. Have a wonderful day and we will see you soon. Or if you have any questions before making an appointment, just call us at (201) 302-9993 and we will answer any question you have. And remember, the preservation of health is easier than the cure for the disease. Be well.