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How Fort Lee’s Physical Therapy Team Can Help Treat Your Pain

- Wednesday, July 05, 2023
Ishitani Health Center - Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy team is comprised of highly skilled professionals who not only treat pain but also address its underlying causes. Dr. Hoon, an expert in this field, will assess your condition to identify areas of weakness or stiffness that may be contributing to your pain. They will then design a tailored treatment plan that includes specific exercises aimed at relieving pain and improving your overall mobility.

During your physical therapy sessions, you can expect a combination of different activities, including:

Low-Impact Aerobic Training: These exercises will elevate your heart rate while minimizing stress on your joints. Examples may include brisk walking or using a stationary bike for warm-up purposes before engaging in strengthening exercises.

Strengthening Exercises: You may utilize various tools such as resistance bands, machines available at the physical therapist's office, or your own body weight (such as lunges, squats, and push-ups) to strengthen different muscle groups. Core muscles, including the abdominal, gluteal, and back muscles, will be a focal point, alongside other areas of the body that require attention.

Pain Relief Exercises: These exercises specifically target areas of pain, aiming to enhance strength and flexibility, ultimately improving your ability to carry out daily activities with greater ease and comfort.

Stretching: Gentle stretching exercises will be incorporated into your therapy sessions. Your therapist will ensure that you are adequately warmed up and will guide you to avoid over-stretching.

In addition to in-office sessions, Dr. Hoon may prescribe exercises for you to perform at home. These exercises can complement your treatment plan and may be coordinated with other specialists at Ishitani Health Center to provide comprehensive care. Contact Ishitani Health Center and set an appointment with us.