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We Help Manage Your Lower-Back Pain

- Friday, May 05, 2023
Ishitani Health Center

Lower back pain is a top complaint we see in our office here at Fort Lee's Ishitani Health Center. We help people just like you get real pain relief on a daily basis. And we do this for our patients without painful surgery and without the need for drugs.

Pain in the lower back can be coming from a few different areas: lumbar spine, nerves in the lower back, disc pain, muscle pain, hip pain, referral pain from thoracic spine, or SI joint pain.

The SI joint (sacroiliac joint) is the joint that forms between your sacrum and your ilium (pelvic bone). It's on the very bottom of your spine; there is one to the left and one to the right. It is an often-overlooked problem area which a lot of time is the cause for the lower back pain.

Patients will usually present with one sided pain on either the left or the right side. It will hurt most of the time when they are bending forward, as well as getting up and down from a chair, or getting into and out of their car. They may also have radiating pain down the leg if the sciatic nerve is being pinched from the joint being inflamed.

A common muscle that causes issues down the lower back is the piriformis muscle. This little muscle attaches to your sacrum to your hip and in most people the sciatic nerve runs right through it or under it. If that muscle is tight, it can cause sciatic pain as well.

Get Real Pain Relief Without Drugs!

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please make an appointment at Ishitani Health Center and one of our highly trained chiropractic doctors will diagnose and treat the problem accordingly.