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Winter Slump: The Surprising Reasons Behind Bad Posture and How to Fix It!

- Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Are you slouching more than usual this winter? ❄️ Discover the unexpected culprits behind bad posture during the chilly season and learn effective tips to straighten up! In this video, we unravel the mysteries of winter-related posture issues and provide practical solutions to keep your spine aligned and pain-free.

Dr. Mika: You're all set for today.

Mauro: Oh, thank you, Dr. Mika. It feels great. I know you keep telling me that I have to maintain good posture. Can you tell me why I'm having such a hard time during the winter to maintain it?

Dr. Mika: That's a good question. Many of my patients suffer from bad posture in the winter because of the cold weather. Cold temperatures make the muscles tight. The second reason is that you have to wear layers of clothes, and some jackets are really heavy, affecting your posture. The third reason is the emotional component. Many people feel more sad and depressed during the winter because of the weather. Okay?

Mauro: Right. It gets dark so soon.

Dr. Mika: Exactly.

Mauro: Is there any benefit for me to put so much effort into maintaining good posture?

Dr. Mika: Yes. First of all, having good posture destresses all the joints and muscle function. Second, you can have better circulation. You need better circulation to alleviate muscle tension. Third, you'll have fewer headaches. Many people suffer from tension headaches due to tight muscles.

Mauro: Yeah, I do.

Dr. Mika: Having good posture can also increase your energy level, and the last thing is that you can be more active. Okay?

Mauro: Right. Okay. Thank you very much. Besides chiropractic adjustment, which helps me a lot, are there any other tips you have for me to maintain better posture?

Dr. Mika: Yes. Chiropractic adjustments can help improve your body's function and reduce stress on the joints and muscles. Besides that, I suggest regular exercise and daily stretching. You need to maintain proper ergonomics of the desk area. Level your computer, shoulder height, arms, and leg positioning.

Mauro: Right. Okay. Thank you very much, Dr. Mika. That's very helpful. Thank you.

Dr. Mika: You're welcome.